TurboFils syringe and cartridge filling and assembly machines are for a range of production rates. Automatic filling machines allow for minimal operator involvement as well as high rates of production. Semi-automatic filling machines have a smaller footprint and a lower fill rate.

TurboFil syringe and cartridge  filling machines can accommodate both high and low viscosity liquids, as well as other difficult to handle materials.

    • Perfect for small components

    • 60-100ppm

    • Very clean machine

    • Syringes filled through the tip

    • Liquid filling accuracy +/- 0.5%

    • Suck back nozzle design for drip free operation

    • Can be filled by either direct draw, a peristaltic pump or a piston pump

    • TipFil solution for syringes

    • 1 to 2 filling heads

    • Liquids and syrups

    • Disposable Path 

    • Fill up to 12 syringes per min

    • Clean room filler for nested syringes, vials and cartridge

    • Small to intermediate sized batches