• Fill nail polish, lotions, mascara, lip-gloss, creams, lotions, perfumes, etc. Hot fill also available

  • Easy changeover of colors, bottles, caps, accessories

  • Increases productivity

  • Perfect for low and medium volumes

  • Perfumes

  • Nail Polish

    TurboFil has benchtop nail polish fillers all the way up to fully automatic filling and assembly Monoblocks. All units suitable for hazardous environments.

  • Mascara & Lip Gloss

    Mascara and lip gloss can be efficiently filled on TurboFil's Monoblock. We customize systems to your specific needs.

  • Lotions & Creams

    For low to medium volume filling and assembly of small bottles and vials, we can save you changeover time and headaches. Benchtop to fully automatic.