TurboFil’s CrimpTech Series includes semi- and fully automatic machines.

vial crimper

Courtesy of TurboFil

TurboFil Packaging Machines, an equipment specialist dedicated to the design and development of liquid filling and assembly machines, has introduced a lineup of semi- and fully automatic vial crimping machines for R&D through scale-up and large-batch production.

The CrimpTech series handles vials in a variety of shapes and sizes. Using a novel design, each item is stopper-tamped prior to crimping to ensure a level seal. The units have low particle generation. Toolless changeover minimizes downtime.

For R&D, the CrimpTech Benchtop is a semi-automatic unit that can be placed under laminar flow hoods for aseptic and cleanroom applications. The CrimpTech Standalone is an automatic tabletop module; pre-stoppered vials enter and exit on a tray. The CrimpTech In-line is an automatic crimper that can connect to other units in a packaging line. It can process up to 50 containers per minute, with caps fed via a stainless steel vibratory feeder. For the two automatic systems, fast collet changeover allows different cap styles, and the star wheel can be easily changed for vials of various diameters.