TurboFil Packaging Machines, an equipment specialist dedicated to the design and development of liquid filling and assembly machines, has expanded the product development and demonstration space at its Mount Vernon, NY headquarters. 

The additional room was necessary to accommodate double-digit year-over-year business growth, driven primarily by heightened demand for the company’s pharma syringe filling and capping solutions.

For TurboFil, the expansion provides the company with approximately 50% more square footage – valuable real estate for designing the type of solutions it provides pharmaceutical customers in the U.S. and beyond.

Deborah Smook, VP of marketing & business development for TurboFil Packaging Machines, said: “The previous few years have seen the sort of consistent growth that requires an expanded physical footprint, particularly for the design, development, validation, and demonstration teams. Needing more room to address rapid growth is perhaps the best ‘problem’ to have, and we’re excited for the expansion and the additional opportunities it will help accommodate.”

Among other TurboFil specialties, the company’s syringe filling and capping machinery have fuelled the sales surge. Recent TurboFil solutions in these niches include:

  • TurboFil’s Acrobat Chuck Capper is a servo-driven unit offering precision torque and gentle handling without bottle change parts. The machine is available in single and dual-head formats capable of processing up to 90 units per minute. Its proprietary technology and parallel belts eliminate the expense of making and storing change parts for most bottles; for the smallest bottles, only minor, inexpensive parts are needed for fast, easy changeover. The module’s two-chuck system features a novel “chasing chuck” that automatically locates the next bottle along the belt. This mobile, adjustable chasing chuck allows the belt itself to serve as a spacing tool, eliminating the need for costly, time-consuming change parts.
  • Suitable for small to medium batches, TurboFil’s SimpliFil Syringe Filling & Assembly System employs a versatile yet precise setup that fills syringes via ceramic piston, peristaltic pump, or direct draw from a reservoir bag. Designed for ease of use, its signature highlight is a walking beam indexing configuration for intuitive operation and simplified, recipe-based changeover. For heightened precision, TurboFil’s unique TipFil technology allows syringes to be filled through the tip – a step-saving innovation eliminating the need to insert plungers post-filling.Filling up to 20 syringes per minute, the SimpliFil system smoothly handles syringes with tips outfitted for press-on caps and luer caps, as well as various safety caps recently incorporated for oral syringes.
  • TurboFil’s benchtop TipFil Syringe Draw Filler offers full control of filling parameters in single or dual operation, providing accurate, consistent fills at up to 12 pieces per minute. The unit utilises a piston mechanism that draws back the plunger, with the distance the plunger is pulled back dictating the amount of drug filled. This eliminates the need to clean a metering device.