This vacuum seater is TurboFil’s proprietary design for inserting pistons or plungers into single or double barrel syringes (or cartridges).

This system incorporates a pick & place unit (and optional feeder) with our vacuum seater system to place the plungers into filled and capped cartridges under vacuum conditions.

This capper is particularly suitable for hard to handle bottles such as soft plastics and odd shapes. The gentle handling of the cap and bottle eliminates marring of the finish, which is especially important for cosmetics and many other applications.


  • Automates plunger seating

  • Reliably eliminates air between product and plunger

  • Single cycle or continuous mode

Speed: up to 15 ppm


  • Dimensions …….. 34” x 29” x 64”

  • Weight…………….. Approximately 400 lbs