The TurboFil UniPuck® System is an Adjustable Puck Inline Filling System. Its breakthrough patented design makes it the most flexible filling and closing system available today.

This system uses a closed loop tabletop chain conveyor to move adjustable carrier pucks through a series of workstations to fill and close bottles.

  • Filling systems are tailored to the application: vacuum for perfumes, piston for lotions and creams, peristaltic when required.

  • Quickly adjust pucks for almost any shape and size bottles means no change parts needed

  • No need to adjust guide rails allows for rapid changeover between bottles

  • No need to adjust space between nozzles

  • Even unstable bottles are easily filled, crimped and capped

  • Pucks are quickly and easily adjustable with electric hand screwdriver

  • Large range of bottle, vial or jar sizes

  • Perfect for large or small runs

Because of TurboFil’s deep design expertise, this system can be fully customized to the requirements of your application


  • Container types: glass or plastic

  • Closure types: screw cap, crimped cap or snap cap

  • Servo driven fill station

  • 90 degree side transfer for filling on dead plate

  • Filling options include piston, peristaltic, etc.

  • Allen Bradley PLC

  • Operator interface: color touch screen

  • Stainless steel wetted components

  • Quick removal of wetted components for clean-up

  • Filler options include piston, vacuum, pressure and peristaltic

Speed Up to 60 per minute