TurboFil’s new inline capper is the ideal marriage between cost-effective and servo-controlled capping.

This capper can be mounted on the customer’s existing conveyor (or we can supply a conveyor). It can be supplied as a fully automatic machine using a cap feeder or another option is for the operator to manually load the caps on a track.

Because of TurboFil’s deep design expertise, this system can be fully customized to the requirements of your application


  • Speeds up to 30 bottles per minute

  • Excellent partner for Turbofil’s UniPuck Adjustable Puck Line

  • Automatic elevator feeder with track and sensors

  • 1.5 cu. ft. hopper

  • Stainless steel discharge chute and cap applicator

  • Pneumatic chuck

  • Cap tightener with servo control and adjustable torque

  • Servo controlled linear slide for the up and down motion.

  • Pneumatic gripper to grip the bottle.

  • Ability to control clockwise and counterclockwise rotation of chuck via HMI

Speed : Up to 30 bottles per minute


  • Dimensions: 72” x 48” x 94” Other layouts are available

  • Weight: Approximately 400 lbs