TurboFil’s Benchtop Vacuum Seater can be used to insert and seat stoppers or plunger rods one at a time into pre-filled syringes, vials or tubes.

The Vacuum Seater consists of a holding fixture with top and bottom vacuum cups to create a sealed chamber. The operator puts the container into the holder. The vacuum is reached and the stoppers are pressed into place.

The chamber is constructed of stainless steel with a high gloss finish.

Because of TurboFil’s deep design expertise, this system can be fully customized to the requirements of your application


  • Stainless steel control box

  • PLC controller

  • Vacuum generator

  • All stainless steel construction

Speed : Approximately 20 per minute


  • Dimensions.: 12″ x 17″ x 23″H

  • Weight: ~30 lb

  • Air : 15CFM@80psi

  • Electric : 110V, 5A