“More companies, particularly small companies, acquire new productive equipment through leases than through loans. Of the $850 billion spent by business on productive assets in 2006, $229 billion, or 27 percent, is estimated to have been acquired by American businesses through leasing.”
– Equipment Leasing and Finance Organization


  • Use vs. Ownership: The value of equipment is in its use, not its ownership. Financing enables you to pay for the equipment with future profit instead of working capital.
  • Affordability: Financing results in low monthly payments and the equipment can be purchased for a nominal cost at the end of the lease term.
  • Fixed Payments: Fixed payments avoid the uncertainty of variable (floating) interest rates typical of bank financing.

  • Cash Conservation: Monthly payments leave cash available for operational expenses or seasonal cash flow needs.

  • Preserve Credit Lines: Borrowing from the bank shrinks available credit lines. Financing ensures that credit lines are available for non-equipment uses.
  • Tax Advantages: Lease payments (off-balance sheet structure) may be tax-deductible against income.
  • Easy: A simple, one-page application is generally all that is required for approval.
  • Quick: You can be approved for financing within one business day of receiving complete information.