The TurboFil Mini-Monoblock MDN-50 machine for multi-dose nasal dispensers is optimized from the inception of the filling process to its conclusion.

The TurboFil Mini-Monoblock MDN-50 automatic machine for the inline filling and capping of multi-dose nasal dispensers accurately fills, seals, caps, and labels nasal spray containers at a rate of up to 50 pieces per min.

A scroll conveyor allows for vial loading with a compact overall footprint. Vials are then transported to a starwheel ceramic piston filler station for filling; for users requiring faster filling, the filler station can incorporate a second nozzle for an expedited, yet still exacting, process.

From there, a stainless-steel vibratory feeder and adjustable track deliver the spray pumps to the necks of each vial. Next, an automatic cap feeder and tamping mechanism ensure even sealing around the entirety of the vial neck circumference.

Filled and sealed vials can be conveyed to an optional wraparound labeler with a thermal transfer printer, which can apply lot code, manufacture/expiry date, and other necessary information. For quality assurance, completed vials then can proceed to an optional checkweigher, with out-of-spec containers automatically rejected.

The Mini-Monoblock MDN-50 is suitable for vials with volumes from 4 to 30 ml, and can accommodate spray pumps from various manufacturers, including those with tamp, crimp, and screw closures.

The machine features a 7-in. touchscreen HMI, Allen Bradley PLC, and escalating password levels for tiered personnel access. Its control box is stainless steel, and a power on/off switch circuit breaker, emergency stop switch, and reset button provide operator interjection when necessary. A three-color stack light with an audible alarm alerts personnel to potential issues, and Ethernet capability allows remote diagnostics.

“Nasal delivery is becoming increasingly prevalent across a variety of pharmaceutical niches,” says Deborah Smook, VP of marketing & business development for TurboFil Packaging Machines. “However, it’s understood that device production, assembly, and filling is complicated compared with more conventional delivery methods. The Mini-Monoblock MDN-50 is a significant step toward narrowing that complexity gap.”