The TurboFil in-line dual syringe labeler offers reliable, accurate wraparound labeling of up to 30 cartridges per min.

The TurboFil Packaging Machines in-line dual syringe labeler automates the often complex, labor-intensive process of dual syringe cartridge labeling, repeatably and accurately affixing labels around one or both cartridges in two-syringe systems.

The TurboFil machine offers both a semi-wrap mode, which wraps around one of the two cartridges, or full-wrap mode, which encircles both. The in-line dual syringe labeler is designed to handle 50-ml 1:1 pre-filled plastic dual-chamber syringes, such as those used in dental impression materials, restoratives, and adhesives. With a maximum labeling speed of 25 meters/min, the unit can process up to 30 dual cartridges per min.

A single operator places syringes nose-up on the 8-ft labeling conveyor, where cartridge sensors identify them. Syringes then proceed toward the module’s servo-controlled Herma US label applicator, where they are supported from the top with a belt. Labels are tamped on, then wrapped around one or both syringe barrels before continuing along the conveyor to a collection bin.

The TurboFil in-line dual syringe labeler can handle a range of labeling parameters. It can apply labels from 12- to 160-mm wide, and from 12 to 400 mm in length. Its feeder handles label rolls 300 mm in diameter. An optional thermal-transfer printer also is available.

“Among other applications, dual syringes are increasingly utilized for dental products such as impression materials, restoratives, whiteners, and adhesives,” says Deborah Smook, VP of marketing & business development for TurboFil Packaging Machines. “Solutions that streamline their production are increasingly sought after by pharma companies looking to maximize capacity without sacrificing quality. The in-line dual syringe labeler reduces the manpower required for an historically labor-intensive process down to a lone operator, allowing manufacturers to reallocate personnel to other priorities.”