Since 1999, TurboFil has consistently established new benchmarks by creating durable and creative solutions for some of the toughest applications in the industry. At TurboFil, liquid filling and assembly machines are our only business. Although we have a broad range of standard equipment, we also focus on custom, built-to-spec and specialized machines. 


In order to meet the demand for systems that fit seamlessly into existing operations, we have developed a range of packaging equipment that is unmatched in reliability, efficiency and cost effectiveness. And, because we understand that every line has its own unique requirements, each of our machines is customized to the individual needs of our customers.

Our Process



The process of choosing a TurboFil system begins with an in-depth needs analysis.  We want to understand the specific objectives that the system must achieve, and how the machine will be used.
We ask a range of questions:  For example, what are the special circumstances integral to this line?  Do you have a material that is hard to fill, highly viscous, flammable or stringy?  Are the bottles unstable?  Does your process require special handling?
All of our machines are designed in SolidWorks, a powerful 3D design program that allows the team to see a picture of the final machine down to the grainiest details before fabrication begins.  We can easily place the machine virtually in the intended room to work out any space constraints.


Our machines are individually built at our Mt. Vernon, NY facility.  We use quality components, resulting in a highly reliable product.  Our skills extend to the latest technologies including robots, machine vision and advanced pumping technologies.  However, we don’t include bells and whistles just for their own sake, but make sure that every feature contributes to enhanced operation and to the overall cost effectiveness of the system.


Are you looking to achieve increased productivity in your packaging operation?  We strive to achieve a payback period of less than 2 years through a combination of increased productivity and reduced labor requirements.


Once the machine is completed, our customers are invited to spend as much time as they need at a factory test, using their own protocol or ours.
We are available for technical support assistance during installation, training and for the life of the equipment. Our comprehensive maintenance program includes ongoing inspection, parts replacement and even remote monitoring capabilities to assure that our products are working at peak capacity throughout their lifetime.


Our expertise and range of product applications is broad.   We have particularly in-depth experience in medical, cosmetic and personal care products and applications.  Some examples of medical applications are liquid pharmaceuticals, diagnostic reagents and dental products.  Within cosmetics we are experts in working with creams and lotions, mascara, lip gloss, nail polish and perfumes.  We have benchtop and in-line fillers, crimpers and cappers, Monoblocks for filling and assembly and other component handling systems. 
Overall, our systems are unmatched in productivity and cost effectiveness, resulting in delighted customers.  Our machines have been installed for leading market players with outstanding results. 
We invite you to browse our portfolio of standard and custom products.  Please call us to see how a TurboFil filling and assembly system can enhance the productivity of your operation.