TurboFil offers a full line of pharmaceutical vial filling, crimping,capping, & stopper placement machines. Our vial filling & assembly machines can handle a range of production levels, we offer semi automatic for low volumes, progressing up to automatic machines for higher volumes.  

Sterile and non-sterile vial filling is available with the capability of handling both low & high viscosity liquids.

 We work directly with our customers to understand their existing vial filling & assembly  process allowing us to identify any potential areas of improvement. All our machines are customizable, this enables us to match a vial filling system directly to a customers application. 

Automatic Filling and Assembly

Vers 40 Flexible Filling System
  • Flexible system for filling, stoppering

  • Crimp or screw capping vials between 2ml to 100ml in size

MiniMonoblock Automatic Filling and Assembly Machine
  • A compact machine that automatically fills and assembles small bottles or vials

Versitrack Flexible System for Filling and Assembly
  • Versitrack is TurboFil's most flexible system for filling and assembly

  • Speeds up to 100bpm for a variety of formats

Semi-Automatic Filling

Small Volume Piston Filler
  • High-precision filler for small vials and syringes

TF-50 Clean Room filler
  • Clean room filler for nested syringes, vials and cartridge

  • small to intermediate sized batches

Semi-Automatic Rotary Indexing Worstation for Clean Room
  • Clean room workstation for filling, capping and assembly

  •  Semi-automated to pace operators

  •  Intended for small to intermediate sized batches


BC-18P Pneumatic Crimper
  • Pneumatic crimper for low to moderate volume crimping jobs

  • Fast, accurate, reliable and cost effective solution 

BC-20P Pneumatc Crimper
  • Pneumatic crimper for low to moderate volume crimping jobs

  • Fast, accurate, reliable and cost effective solution 

IC-60S Automatic Crimper
  • Automatic crimper for vials to accurately and reliably crimp 

  • Speeds of up to 60 ppm

Screw Capping

Benchtop Capper
  • Small footprint chuck capper for small vials 

In-line Chuck Cap
  • In-line chuck capper for a wide range of bottle shapes and sizes

  • Accurate and gentle capping

  • Speeds of up to 40 per minute

Hybrid Capper
  • Gentle and accurate chuck capping

  • Speeds up to 120 per minute

  • Super easy changeover

Stopper Placement

Vacuum Chamber
  • For inserting and seating stoppers or plunger rods into pre-filled syringes, vials or tubes

Benchtop Vacuum Seater
  • One at a time insertion of stoppers into vials, syringes or tubes