TurboFil vial crimping machines are for the crimping of spray pumps, pharmaceutical vials, and a multitude of other products.


TurboFil crimping machines use a collet style crimper to produce a clean and secure crimp for a range of cap sizes (13mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, & custom sizes available).

Automatic Crimpers

IC-60S Automatic Crimper for Vials
  • Automatic crimper for vials to accurately and reliably crimp vials

  • Speeds of up to 50 ppm

Benchtop Crimpers

BC-18P Pneumatic Crimper
  • Pneumatic crimper for perfume pumps 

  • Accurate, reliable and cost effective 

BC-20P Pneumatic Crimper
  • Pneumatic crimper for low to moderate volume vial crimping jobs

  • Fast, accurate, reliable and cost effective solution