TurboFil offers a variety of product handling components to complete your lines. We manufacturer plastic chain conveyors, unscrambling and accumulating tables, depuckers and bottle loaders. All machines are easy to use, cost effective, and capable of increasing overall productivity. 

We invite you to explore our line of product handling equipment 


  • All Machines can be customized to fit your specific product handling needs 

Aluminum Frame Conveyor
  • Aluminum frame plastic chain tabletop conveyors

Bottle and Vial Loader
  • Specialized feeders for vials and bottles

  • To make component easy and efficient

Depuckers Gap Transporter
  • Gap transporters to remove bottles from pucks or to lift bottles for bottom labeling or coding

  •  Length up to 96"

Unscrambling and Accumulating Table
  • Stainless steel unscrambling and accumulating tables