Automatic Filling & Assembly

  • The Perfume UniPuck Adjustable Puck line uses vacuum filling for fast level filling

  •  The system allows for easy changeover with so many bottle sizes and shapes

  • Automatic crimper for perfume pumps

  • Crimps "on-the-fly" at speeds of up to 60 ppm

Semi-Automatic Filling 

  • Very easy to use vacuum filler for perfumes

  • Fills two bottles at a time to a level

Semi-Automatic Crimping and Tamping

  • Pneumatic crimper for perfume pumps

  • Accurate, reliable and cost effective crimping 

  • Pneumatic crimper for low to moderate volume perfume crimping jobs

  • Fast, accurate, reliable and cost effective solution

  • Pneumatic tamper to press on perfume caps or collars