Lotions and Creams

Automatic Filling & Assembly

  • The UniPuck Adjustable Puck system can be fitted with filling, capping, fitment, and other stations

  • Most importantly, it makes changeover super easy

  • TurboFil's in-line fillers rely on piston, gear pump or peristaltic fillers

  • They can be fitted with up to 12 filling heads

  • Models for metal and plastic tubes available

  • Up to 60ppm for metal tubes

  • Up to 40ppm for plastic tubes

Semi-Automatic Filling

  • Clean accurate piston filling for low to high viscosities

  • Foot-pedal or timed operation

  • High-precision filler for small bottles and vials

  • Multiple nozzle formats available

  • Filling and assembly system to automate some functions and pace operators


  • In-line chuck capper for a wide range of bottle shapes and sizes 

  • Accurate and gentle capping at speeds of up to 40 per minute

  • Gentle and accurate chuck capping

  • Speeds up to 120 per minute

  • Super easy changeover