Single/ Dual Cartridge Filling and Assembly Monoblock

TurboFil's Monoblock is a floor standing machine that delivers a unique solution for small to medium volume filling and assembly needs. Sophisticated yet surprisingly clean and easy to operate, it avoids the need to move bottles between machines with conveyors. 

TurboFil's fully automatic single and dual barrel syringe filler uses a positive displacement cam-driven piston pump with a servo motor controlled bottom-up fill nozzle for fully adjustable stroke, speed and acceleration/deceleration. Drip-less operation (TurboFil specializes in difficult-to-handle materials) is achieved via a suck-back and positive shut-off nozzle. The system can operate at speeds of 15 to 35 per minute depending on the product to be filled.


The fully automatic filling and assembly machine includes: syringe placing, filling, cap and plunger placing and coding, and an inspection station. It is PLC controlled with no bottle…no fill protection, and a reject chute for bad or unfinished bottles.


TurboFil's Single and Dual Cartridge Monoblock can also be ordered semi-automatic, with some functions replaced by manual operation (according to need).

Because of TurboFil's deep design expertise, this system can be fully customized to the requirements of your application

Filling and Assembly Monoblock
Filling and Assembly Monoblock
Filling and Assembly Monoblock
Filling and Assembly Monoblock
Filling and Assembly Monoblock


  • Container types: single or dual barrel syringe „

  • Closure types: plug, disc, rod style or handle style plungers 

  • Handles 1:1 or uneven cartridges/syringes

  • Quick removal of wetted components for clean-up „ Stainless steel sheathed top plate „

  • Cost effective for enhanced productivity „

  • TurboFil is experienced in difficult-to-handle materials „

  • Validation package available

Speed : Approximately 20 per minute


  • Speeds range: 15-35 per minute

  • Allen Bradley PLC

  • Servo driven fill station „

  • Touch screen operator interface

  • Stainless steel wetted components „