For cartridges, TurboFil offers fully automatic single and dual barrel syringe filling and assembly systems.

  • Piston pumps accurately fill.

  • Systems include a servo motor controlled bottom-up fill nozzle for fully adjustable stroke, speed and acceleration, deceleration.

  • Drip-less operation is achieved via a suck-back and positive shut-off nozzle. The system can operate at speeds of 15 to 35 per minute depending on the product to be filled.

  • Fully automatic filling and assembly machines includes: syringe placing, filling, cap and piston or plunger placing and coding, and inspection stations.

  • They are PLC controlled with no bottle…no fill protection, and a reject chute for bad or unfinished cartridges.


TurboFil's Single and Dual Cartridge Monoblocks can also be ordered semi-automatic, with some functions replaced by manual operation (according to need).

Completed applications include:

  • Two part adhesives

  • Various agricultural chemicals and treatments