TurboFil offers a full line of bottle capping systems ranging from hand held to systems for fully automated production lines. We offer systems for crimp caps, screw caps and tamp on caps. Whether your cap and container is large or small, your production is fast or slow, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemicals, or any industry; TurboFil has efficient reliable capping systems to fill your needs.


We have semi- and fully-automatic crimpers for spray pumps and pharmaceutical vials. Our line of screw capping machines includes: in-line and rotary chuck capping; repeatable applied torque; and retorquer models. These machines will quickly and precisely marry your caps and lids to filled containers and return them to your packaging line conveyor for downstream operations. Many of our models feature servomotors for highly reliable and precise torque application.


Capping is often a challenging aspect of a packaging line for several reasons. The issues may center on the wide range of geometries and sizes of caps and bottles, or the difficulty may stem from the matching of the bottle and cap threads. TurboFil understands these challenges and has proprietary technologies to address each of these capping challenges.

We invite you to explore our line of cappers, crimpers and tampers and let us help you customize a system to meet your special requirements.

Automatic Crimpers

Perfect for perfume pumps, pharmaceutical vials, and a multitude of other products. Speeds of up to 60ppm. 

Benchtop Crimpers

Tabletop options for crimping. Effective and efficient!

Automatic Chuck Cappers

High producing, gentle and accurate cappers. Speeds of 40-120ppm.

Benchtop Chuck Cappers

A great option for achieving a professional level seal in a small space.

Stopper Placement

A variety of machines to insert seaters, stoppers, or plungers via vacuum assist.