Efficient Filling and Assembly from Semi- to Fully- Automatic Systems

  • Fill nail polish, lotions, mascara, lip-gloss, creams, lotions, perfumes, etc. Hot fill also available

  • Easy changeover of colors, bottles, caps, accessories

  • Increases productivity

  • Perfect for low and medium volumes

Lotion and Cream

For low to medium volume filling and assembly of small bottles and vials, we can save you changeover time and headaches. Benchtop to fully automatic.

Mascara and Lip Gloss

Mascara and lip gloss can be efficiently filled on TurboFil's Monoblock. We customize systems to your specific needs.

Nail Polish

TurboFil has benchtop nail polish fillers all the way up to fully automatic filling and assembly Monoblocks. All units suitable for hazardous environments.


TurboFil's UniPuck adjustable puck system is ideal for automatic filling and crimping of perfume bottles. We also have benchtop fillers, crimpers and tampers.